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Covid - Level 2

LEVEL 2 CHANGES - Starting Wednesday 8 September 2021 With the latest announcement there are some changes to General Practice. Things are still going to look very different to normal but we’re a little bit closer to getting back to usual business. We have been advised by the Ministry of Health that we can increase the number of face to face contacts we have in the practice. The advice is still to carry out a virtual phone or video) consultation wherever possible. Remember this is Level 2, not Level 0 and doctors surgeries are notorious for having sick people in them so bare with us as we keep the process safe for everyone involved.

Making an appointment: No appointments can be booked on Manage My Health yet. For a doctor appointment phone reception in the morning to be given a time for your appointment whether it be phone consult or face to face.

Nurses can start doing screening and long term condition monitoring again such as cervical smear tests and diabetic reviews. Childhood immunisations are still a priority area. These appointments can be made at reception. Equally appointments for blood pressure checks, injections and dressing changes etc. can be made through reception.

You will be asked on booking if you have had cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever within the last 2 weeks. The vast majority of people are great with this but some are not. Please be honest as it changes the way we prepare ourselves to care for you. Please remember we have our own health issues and families to go home to. Thank you.

Waiting room: Entry will still be restricted as per the guidance we’ve been given. Patients can wait with recommended distancing in the waiting room unless you have been specifically asked to wait in the car. Try to arrive a few minutes before your appointment time but not a lot before to avoid waiting room congestion.

Prescriptions: We will still send repeat prescriptions and those done following phone consult directly to the pharmacy of your choice without you needing to come in. There is currently no extra cost for faxed scripts. Lab or radiology forms can be managed in the same way.

Opening hours: 8-5pm Monday -Friday. Closed Saturday and late nights until further notice until we can staff this safely. Thank you for working with us to keep the system going and getting the best outcomes for everyone. We ARE and have always been open. If you are worried about something please don't delay.


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